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Join Sarah Stacey, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Life Coach, Victoria Welsby for a jam packed 3 hours of essential wellness information teamed with goal setting badassery!


Saturday March 12th – 10am – 1pm – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) 2245 W Broadway (at Yew).




This essential and life changing workshop has been created specifically for people who are new to the concept of holistic wellness, feel like they may be lost on their wellness journey or for those who need a critical wellness reboot. You will be surrounded by like minded people on their own wellness journey in a warm and inviting environment.

The goal of this workshop is to arm you with clear, straightforward wellness knowledge so that you can then form achievable and inspiring wellness goals during this session! If you feel like you could use a wellness boot up your bum or you have been neglecting your wellness or even don't know where to start on your wellness journey then this is the workshop for you!

You will be giving yourself the gift of spending 3 hours focussed totally on you and your wellness learning and goal setting. 


DON'T MISS OUT: EARLY BIRD RATES AVAILABLE UNTIL 27TH OF FEB! Limited seats available, grab yours before it sells out!!


The learning outcomes:


·      Learn what healthy means to YOU

·      Learn to say "Hell No!" to dieting. 

·      Learn about what foods make your body and brain feel giddy with joy

·      What foods make your body struggle to perform at it’s best

·      You will learn you body's potential reactions to different food

·      Why your body is you BFF

·      Understand your cravings, digestion, movement and lots more

·      THEN once you’ve got all this super wellness knowledge all up in your brain you’ll learn about wellness goal setting!

·      Why goal setting is important

·      How to set smart goals

·      How to get motivated to work towards a goal now and throughout the year

·      Pomodoro technique and chunking down goals

·      Rock technique

·      You will be able to leave the session with an inspirational plan for the year

·      Exploration of your passions

·      Visualization of your future self

·      Overcoming decision fatigue

·      Setting a commitment to yourself and your future wellness

·      Loving your body now, and in the future!


This session dedicated to you will inspire you to take care of yourself the way that’s right for you and arm you with straightforward and clear knowledge on wellness.


Where and when:

Saturday March 12th – 10am – 1pm – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) 2245 W Broadway (at Yew).


Early bird price runs until 27th of Feb at midnight PST so get your tickets now!


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