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Victoria and bam pow life in the media:


Victoria is a body image activist, confidence expert, Adjunct Professor at UBC and TEDx speaker. She went from being homeless, abused with self esteem that was achingly low into the courageous fat activist and change maker she is today. Victoria helps people fall in love with themselves and is dedicated to changing the way society views fat bodies.


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Instagram: @bampowlife

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Twitter: @bampowlife

Pinterest: @bampowlife

YouTube: @victoriawelsby

LinkedIn: @victoriawelsby


Potential Topics for Media, Keynotes or Workshops:


  • Fatphobia in the Workplace
  • I Am Fat - How to Be Confident and Love Your Body at Any Size 
  • Inclusivity Is the Bomb Dot Com
  • Your Inner Critic Is a Jerk: How to Quieten Self - Doubt and Unleash Your Inner Badass
  • Using Confidence and Body Positivity to Generate Success
  • Media Literacy and Diet Culture
  • Feminism and Sexism in the Workplace
  • How Fatphobia Affects Everyone
  • Personal Confidence
  • Stepping into Your Exceptional Self
  • Your Inner Critic is a Jerk: How to Quieten the Voice That Tells You, You're Not Enough
  • Using Life Trauma as a Catalyst for Success
  • From Homeless at 17 to Corporate Success
  • Goal Setting and Goal Crushing
  • I am also able to collaborate with you on your learning goals and come up with a topic perfect for you!

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