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Confidence Warrior Bootcamp!


If you missed the live webinars, fear not, you can get a slice of the action for a limited time! 

I have bundled these 3 hour long webinars alongside 5 extra short videos, The Confidence Warrior Handbook AND the full 9 episode series of The Confidence Warrior Podcast to get some hardcore confidence inspiration all up in your brain!


What you get:

  • Day 1 Confidence Warrior Bootcamp Webinar Replay
  • Day 2 Confidence Warrior Bootcamp Webinar Replay
  • Day 3 Confidence Warrior Bootcamp Webinar Replay
  • The Overwhelming Power of Fear Short Video
  • Confidence Triggers Short Video
  • Imposter Syndrome Short Video
  • Overcoming Fear Once and For All Short Video
  • The Confidence Warrior Handbook, a 76 page eBook
  • All 9 podcasts from The Confidence Warrior Podcast
  • 20 experts in confidence and body love all in one place!


The full list of babes who are sharing confidence and body love strategies:

  • Aarti Olivia Dubey
  • Adiba Nelson
  • Alysse Dalessandro
  • Anastasia Amour
  • Caroline Dooner
  • Dana Suchow
  • Ivy Felicia
  • Jes Baker
  • Marie Southard Ospina
  • Megan Jayne Crabbe
  • Melissa A Fabello
  • Melissa Gibson
  • Michelle Elman
  • Ragen Chastain
  • Sarah Vance
  • Summer Innanen
  • Ushshi Rahman
  • Virgie Tovar
  • Vivienne McMaster
  • Victoria Welsby, ME!

What you'll discover

  • How to get rid of the shit that weighs you down
  • How to arm yourself with kickass tools to unleash your inner Confidence Warrior
  • Understanding how society teaches you that you're not worthy and how that is total bullshit!
  • How to calmly and confidently communicate in a way that doesn't bring you out in hives
  • That your body is the and how to love it today
  • How to get your inner critic to shut the heck up and strengthen the voice of your inner superhero
  • How to accept the love, success and joy you deserve in your life
  • How to tackle the overwhelming power of fear and create the life you want
  • Changing your brains neural pathways so that you can say bye-bye to invasive negative thoughts
  • How to identify and overcome imposter syndrome
  • Smashing through your upper limits and having the courage to do things you never thought were possible
  • How to systematically make choices in your life that lead to confidence, growth and abundance


In the 3 Day bootcamp we cover the Confidence Warrior framework:

imagine the feeling...

Waking up in the morning next to a partner that adores you even more than you adore yourself (if that’s even possible!). You walk to the bathroom, see your reflection in the mirror and say to yourself “I am so lucky to have this body”. You effortlessly get ready, picking out your outfit with ease, knowing that you’ll look gorgeous no matter what you wear.


You leave for a job that you previously could only dream of having, proud of yourself for choosing to go for it and getting there comfortably. You have a presentation today and you have butterflies or excitement, not nerves, knowing this is your time to shine, people are going to love what you have to say.


After work you have a networking event that you go to on your own, something that you would have previously never considered doing . You make small talk with people, laugh, get into deep and interesting conversations and you meet someone who could be a really terrific and inspiring new friend.


When you leave for the evening in the elevator down to the lobby you take a deep breath in and smile thinking about how this day would’ve been impossible for you before but now it’s second nature. This is the type of day you love, these continued small victories have made you strong, confident and powerful and you’re so thankful that you chose to invest in yourself. It was the best decision you ever made.


Just as you are going to sleep for the evening you spot an email from your boss, she was so impressed with your presentation she wants to fast track your career progression. You turn your phone off, content, knowing that this is the way your life is now and it’s only going to get better.