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LIVE WEBINAR: How to Unleash Your Inner Confidence Warrior


How I went from being homeless, abused with achingly low self esteem to living like a Confidence Warrior (and how you can too!)

Thursday October 5th - 12PM PST


  • Have you ever tried on 20 different outfits before going to a party only to give up and resign to a night in front of Netflix instead of a night of fun and frolics just because you don't feel beautiful?
  • Have you ever been convinced that you weren't going to get that promotion or new job and so didn't even apply?

  • Have you ever let people cross your boundaries and have been afraid to stand up to them?

  • Are you living a life which is smaller than you know you're capable of?


Then, I GET YOU! I was you.

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It sucks so hard living like this. When I was in that place I just couldn’t change. I was paralyzed. I knew my lack of confidence, literally, was ruining my life. I knew I deserved better, but I had no clue how to get there.


I was stuck.


I am going to teach you the proven methods in which I got out of that deep dark hole, into a life filled with joy, achievement and self love - All while not only staying true to my authentic self, but wholly embracing the real me and letting her come to life!


I went from:

  • hating my body, to truly valuing everything it does for me, and worshipping its “waves and honey”.

  • working in jobs I hated to having the career of my dreams.

  • having lousy relationships and being to scared to change them to enjoying beautiful, life changing people in my life.

  • spending hours worrying about how I was flawed and broken to dreaming what next incredible thing will come into my life.


After spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in therapy, taking courses, reading books, being coached…. I have created the proven system that has already changed many women’s lives in incredible ways.


Join me on this LIVE jam session where I will share with you the exact formula I used to totally transform my life.


I can’t wait to see you there for this transformational webinar.


I want you to feel fabulous NOW, soooo deserve it.